Things You Have To Know When It Comes to Erosion Control

21 Mar

Erosion causes many adverse effects such as making slopes unstable, destroying ecosystems, degrading water supplies and increasing flood hazards. Development and construction are the major causes of increased erosion rates, therefore, erosion control has to be focused on construction sites. Here are some of the facts you should know about erosion control so that you will be able to implement them and get effective outcomes. Read more on Burlington sediment control.

Be Well-Informed on  the Erosion Control Measures

Your primary goal when controlling erosion is to ensure that the soil on the site remains unmoved. Some of the ways to achieve this is by limiting vegetation removal, covering bare grounds by seeding and covering them with straws. Apart from using sheets to cover the grounds that have been covered by seeding, you can also use them on steep and unstable slopes.  

Come up With Ways to Control Sediment

Sediment control is used to either compliment or back-up erosion control. Some of this measure are using straw rolls on hills and structuring silt fences on the base of the slopes. You should not forget the fact that these measures are only used to capture soil that has evaded erosion control measures and not to stop erosion. 

Establish Runoff Measures

With water being the main enemy to successful erosion control, you have to lay down a strategy that will be used to control storm water and keep it away from bare grounds. First, select a vegetated area that can sustain runoffs, and then divert the drainage from the bare soils to it. However, it is unwise to concentrate all the flow to a single location in cases where the water concentration is significant. 

Come up With a Maintenance Plan For Erosion Control

You can never be undoubtedly sure on the effectiveness of erosion control. Therefore, you have to check on the measures that are implemented regularly. By doing this, you will be able to quickly identify areas that require reinforcement and those that will need a fresh plan. Regular removing out of slit that has accumulated around silt fences and drainage inlets is just one of the many ways you can maintain erosion control measures. 

Choose To Seek Natural Ways That Can Control Erosion

A recommendable natural method of controlling erosion is through planting trees on slopes since they have the capability of anchoring the ground. The fact that turf grass have extended roots makes them suitable to control erosion since they will be able to link the surrounding soil together. In addition, research has it that turf grass is the most reliable way to protect against corrosion. Click here for more.

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